Mateo is  a little rescue cat we have had for a little over a year. I did not think I could love another kitty after losing my dear friend of 20yrs, an orange tabby named DC.  This kitty has grown on me. He is quite the character. You can't hear him but he is actually talking to the ducks. The ducks have blessed us again with more ducks. They were born in the usual place, the fern pot on the front porch. We have since moved momma and all 10 babies to the safety of the barn.













This is momma , a Call duck and her babies that were born in April. Ironically she made her nest and had her babies in the same place she was born. These are a very wonderful and interesting breed. If you are not familiar I encourage you to do some research on these guys, they are so much fun to raise. Give us a call to purchase a breeding pair or add to your flock.

Got to laugh at these silly ducks playing king of the hill. Who needs television when you have such antics in your back yard?


Sadly we have lost a few of our ducks this month to predators. It was most likely an eagle or chicken hawk. One of these was our dear friendly Blindly. He was born blind and daily we let him outside, putting him up at night. We had him almost two years. The ducks run under that flatbed you see there in my yard anytime predators come. He was not so fortunate. My husband says he had a good life and that is true but I am still very sad about this. I look forward to the day when there will never be a predator or prey of any kind and all animals will live in peace.( Isaiah 65:25) I can only imagine how awesome this is going to be!