Sweet Briar Farm is a small family owned private farm in Hernando Co . We raise purebred Nubian dairy goats as well as run a flock of free range and  cage free chickens and ducks. All of our livestock is raised on grass pasture that is free of chemicals and pesticides. We do not use antibiotics on our stock except for life threatening emergencies which are very rare. Should an animal require medication it is removed from milk and egg production. We do not use hormones period.

 We are licensed to sell our dairy products by the FL Dept. of Agriculture Feed master license

#Z004612. We also offer on a limited basis home baked goods and jams. From time to time check out homemade crafts and creations available from local artisans. Homegrown, homemade and back to basics, that's what our farm is about. We hope to hear from you !