Why Nubians are the best and Why buy  your breeding stock from us.


We raise only Nubian Dairy goats on our farm. We have a closed and tested herd free of CL, CAE, Johne's, TB,and Brucellosis. We have never added outside females to the herd, it is built on our original 3 does purchased in 2008 . Out of necessity, we do purchase other farms bucks from clean herds from time to time to keep the bloodlines strong. We also test those Bucks at the appropriate age as well.  Maintaining a bio secure farm is important as well as the good breeding of our animals.  If you buy a goat from us you will know exactly what you are getting for four or more generations. Many of these generations are still alive and living on the farm and can be seen in person. We also have photos of the ones that have passed. The fact that we have animals at 10 and 12 years of age , in good health and still in production speaks for itself. These have been our strict practices since 2008.

Our animals are raised humanely on green grass and sunshine. They all have names and are apart of our family.  We chose Nubian goats for their rich creamy Milk. Nubian's have the second highest butterfat of all Dairy breeds second only to Nigerian Dwarfs. They are pretty cute with their long ears and mischievous personalities too. They are dual purpose breed and can be raised for meat as well as milk production. This makes them an excellent choice for the small homestead. Don't get me wrong , we love our goats, but in farming it is a reality that some animals are used for meat. It is our hope that all our goats get a pet or breeding home, it is what we strive for. It is not always an option that works out however and managing the size of the herd as well as culling excess males and those animals not suitable for breeding are very important.  If you have never considered goat meat and you are health conscious now is a good time to check it out.  I will be blogging about this soon with more information because goat meat has gotten such a bad rap . It is just as good as lamb, less fatty and less gamey. So stay tuned and while you are at it do some research on the subject if you like.