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We have a few young purebred Nubian goat bucklings available. 


Kune Kune Pigs For Sale, all ages available.









Please remember before purchasing goats registered or not  important things to keep in mind are :


1) Is this goat from a reputable breeder who keeps their stock vaccinated, wormed and in good health? Or is this a person who buys and sells goat often and its hard to be sure of the goats background, a goat dealer maybe?

2) Is the herd closed, tested for disease, clean from disease or are goats often coming and going in and out of the herd?

The people you buy from, their herd status will be your herd status for better or worse.

3.) Is the goat a baby, usually priced cheaper? These are a great choice if you are not looking to breed anytime soon and want to raise one.  Males tend to be up to the task of breeding adult full size does between 8 and 10 months. That said we have had some randy Billy's  over the years that could breed adult does at 5 months, but it is not the norm. It just depends on the goat, how tenacious he is and how willing she is. Yes they are potent at birth, can breed their sisters quite young but they cannot settle( successfully impregnate) a  `1`35-150 lb. doe easily until they get some size on them . I wont say its impossible but from experience , breeding bucks and does, its unlikely. As far as does go they need to be a year old or at least 80 lbs. which ever comes first . I prefer to wait until at least 18 months of age on does. If I sell a ready to go breeding animal, it will cost  more and rightfully so than a weanling. You wont be feeding it for a year, its in good health ready to go.

4) Registered? Unregistered? Purebred? Mixed breed? This is a personal decision and there are many excellent examples of all of these but even more poor and questionable examples of the above. Regardless, it cost the same amount of money to feed them and time to take care of them. Good genetics and careful, selective breeding will give you a stronger herd and more prolific, solid, breeding animal overall and pay off on future offspring produced.  Always breed only the best to the best that you can afford . I am not talking about color here, spots, flashiness etc. I am talking about physical soundness, breeding soundness, milk production, meat production, good mothering ability,  good disposition, longevity, parasite resistance, etc. You get the picture. A  spotted goat that lacks some or all the above is just poor breeding in color. Now if you can get the whole package , awesome, but I see too much focus on color today and not enough on the more important things. I will never sell a goat I wouldn't personally own and breed, those are culls and treated accordingly. 

5.) If you do not show your goats you may not care about papers,  but health always matters as you can see from my statements above. Most of my goats are papered and all of them are purebred Nubians. What do you want the goat for? Meat?  Milk ?  Dual purpose?  In my opinion choose a purebred animal that was bred for these purposes from proven bloodlines , registered or not, but purebred. Why consider a purebred without papers. They are usually a little cheaper in price and possibly more readily available and will suit your needs . Purebreds may not have papers for a variety of reasons, owners death, divorce, farm loss, goat parent is only registered native on appearance etc.  If you are wanting only a backyard pet for the kids, a lawn mower or company for your horse, get a lower priced mixed breed goat of good quality , good health and with a good disposition, this is always important regardless of breed. I am not bashing mixed breeds , they are just more of a gamble when you are breeding for something specific like dairy for example. It takes time, money and hard work to raise animals. There is nothing wrong with being smart about it.  These are my opinions , things I've learned from years of farming and breeding and at the end of the day everyone has free will can do what they want. Its your money and your time.


Finally folks find animals you love and enjoy . Caring for them is a 365 day a year job, paid or not. 

The life lessons, memories and blessings it will bring, those are priceless. 




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