Farm Fresh Goat Milk is naturally A2 milk

Please Read before purchasing our products!  

As required by the Federal Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and FL Statute 502.091 which forbid the sale of unpasteurized milk products for human consumption our products are labeled: "Not for human consumption" and sold as feed for goat kids

We are legally required to include these statements on our product labels. 


Very Important !!!!! 


Thank you everyone in advance for NOT discussing with us the use of our products for human consumption as this will jeopardize our license.






 A2 Goat Milk Prices  2023


1 Gallon Fresh Raw  16.00 


Quart Fresh Raw 6.00  


*All milk is sold in new containers with locking or sealed lids


* If you prefer pasteurized milk for your goat kids/ calves/puppies etc. we will pasteurize at no additional charge


 We filter and quick chill all milk immediately after collection. Milk and dairy products need to be stored below 40 degrees. Fresh milk will last in your fridge 7 to 10 days from purchase at these temperatures. Please bring insulated bags and ice packs when picking up milk and keep it chilled at all times.


 All products are small batch and subject to availability. Even though we are a small farm  and not a commercial dairy, quality and freshness are very important to us.  We sell only single -origin milk, or milk that is produced on our own farm. Sales by appointment only.









Proverbs 27:27


"And there will be enough goats milk to feed you, To feed your household and to sustain your servant girls."