Horses are my first love. I haven ridden since I was 4 years old, my mom says it was my first word. When we first bought our farm we used it predominately for breeding and training horses. Thirteen years ago we switched to breeding and raising dairy goats.


We still have a couple of retirees around that are now in their 20's. They help keep the pastures mowed and watch over the goats.


This guy here I bought as a yearling at an auction. I wasn't happy with the people who were bidding on him, he was not going to end up in a good home and even though I wasn't looking for a little stud colt one came home with me.  I did all of his training myself, he learned about reining, roping , and being a cowpony. He produced 8 gorgeous foals and has spent the last 25 years being my friend. I know his days are getting shorter but he will always have a place here along  with his elderly retired companions which include one 13 yr old LGD,  and two retired dairy goats in their teens.